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2016 November/December

The internet gives rise to voice. Anyone, anywhere, is a potential mass communicator. And with ease, one's voice can be heard around the world through a podcast.


Several in Paducah are taking to the virtual airwaves, reaching out to audiences both near and far.


Pantsuit Politics


Shannon Vetter Releases First Solo Album: A Review

Exclusive Online Content

The name Shannon Vetter is so synonymous with music that it is nearly shocking to hear that his upcoming release, Rapid Cycle, is his first solo album. He's been associated with bands such as Solid Rock'it Boosters, Big Atomic, and Gideon's Rifle, but Rapid Cycle is such a personal album that these songs must bear his name alone.


Time On The String: The Musical Journey Of Josh Coffey

2016 July/August

On The Importance Of Paducah's The Wheelers

Exclusive Online Content

-Nathan Brown


Over The River And Through The Woods

2016 May/June

When you want to establish your own business, sometimes, the best place to start is at your grandmother's house.


Turning Trades

2016 May/June

Darla Baker has a hard time seeing herself as an artist.


"I was in the corporate world and worked so hard for so long," she says. "I was a petroleum landman. We're talking about a completely different thing from what I'd call an artist. I was out there negotiating leases and contracts to get oil wells drilled. I am so Type A."


Stand-Up Folks

2016 March/April

A Discusssion With Paducah's New Comedians


Carl Cook's Paducah - Reviving Lost Art

2016 March/April

Carl Cook never set out to be an artist. Born in 1905 in Paragould, Arkansas, he moved to Illinois with his parents where he graduated high school and earned a Bachelor of Education from Illinois State University.


"Octopus" Artists John Hasagawa and Lily Liu

2016 January/February

Lily Liu says working in Paducah as an artist is like being an octopus.


"Here, I’ve met so many artists [who work in] so many different mediums, I feel like I have grown to become an octopus with tentacles," she says. "Each tentacle is grabbing and growing stronger in an area [of art]."


An Award For An Illuminating Work

2015 September/October

John Romang creates magic on Plexiglas acrylic sheets—he drops bright hues of ink and resin onto these surfaces and watches them blend and bend and swirl. Now, they have won him an award.



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