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Introducing Ephemera Paducah!

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Uh-fem-er-ah {Items of memorabilia, typically written or printed, originally expected to have a short life, but salvaged and savored by astute everyday artists!}


Classics To Add To Your Reading List

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This year marks the 200th birthday of Jane Austen’s classic work Pride and Prejudice. We asked several of our local literary experts what classic novels they would recommend to interested readers.

Sing a Song of Paducah

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For those of us who love Paducah, it wouldn't seem strange to find a song about our fair city gracing our lips. Over the years, several songwriters have felt the same, and tunes about Paducah entered into pop culture. Here's a round up of some of the best Paducah songs!


It Rained in Every Town Except Paducah

Tom T. Hall

The National Quilt Museum: Bringing the World to Paducah

2013 Jan/Feb Edition

In an average year, over 40,000 art enthusiasts from all 50 states and over 45 foreign countries come to Paducah to visit The National Quilt Museum making a significant cultural and economic impact on our community.

Books With Impact: Agreements Foster Healthy Relationships

2013 Jan/Feb Edition

Undoubtedly, one book that has made a tremendous impact on my outlook is The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz.

Paducah in Instagram

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Everyone has a different perspective; different sets of eyes, experiences, and mindsets through which we view the world.


Now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to catch glimpses of the way others see life. Nearly everyone carries a digital camera at all times via cell phones. And, with apps like Instagram, immediately sharing what you see with friends and anyone else around the world is possible.

Staging A Comeback

2012 March/April Edition

What was gone with the wind may so on take a step back to the future. 

Going Green Excerpt

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Paducah author Chris Skates was invited to the nation's capital recently following the publication of a novel which touched on the controversies surrounding the industrial involvement of climate change.  


Master, Apprentice Make Bentwood Willow Chairs

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In a small workshop filled with tree limbs, Justin Roberts bends, hammers and pieces together chairs made from willow wood. He has been fascinated with willow furniture since his childhood, but little did he know that George Beard, the man whose willow furniture shop he often passed, would one day be teaching him the trade.

Josh White: A New Face At The Yeiser

2012 Nov/Dec Edition

There’s a new face at the Yeiser Art Center and it’s not hanging on the gallery walls. The new persona is energetic Executive Director Josh White. Originally from Savannah, White graduated from Western Carolina University with a degree in history. We sat down with Josh to discuss the Yeiser and his new LIFE in Paducah.



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