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Landee's Guide to Viewing

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

During REIFF, there are three venues utilized for film screening. Being a guru of scheduling would be to your advantage here. Each film is screened 2-3 times in three different venues giving one plenty of options, however you may need to invest in the eye-opening device featured in A Clockwork Orange.



Film Festival Definition Guide

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

River’s Edge International Film Festival (REIFF) – Originating in 2005, this film festival has grown to attract international films starting in 2008 and is the second longest running film festival in Kentucky. Maiden Alley Cinema – Paducah’s home for fine film.



Anatomy of a film festival

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

A film festival is NOT an invite only event. It is not ONLY for the avid film- goer. It provides moving pictures that narrate topics, stories, and ideas that we all can understand.



For the Love of Film: The River’s Edge International Film Festival brings original artistry to Paducah’s Maiden Alley Cinema

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

Paducah is nurturing a love affair with independent filmmakers and their provocative, unpredictable, prolific work. (Plus some really cool industry people are coming to town!)



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