The Greatest Show $11 Can Buy

2019 March/April

$11 doesn’t seem go very far nowadays—unless it is applied to a general admission ticket to the CFSB Center to view the Murray State’s men’s basketball team. Then, that $11 almost always includes a myriad of guarantees.


Paducah Schools Introduce Innovation Hub

2019 January/February

An Education for LIFE

A Look at Paducah Public Schools’ Coming Innovation Hub


Wanderings: Hazel Kentucky

2019 January/February

Everyday Rarity - Days of Bread

2019 January/February

Ask Giuseppe Biagini what everyone needs to know about the International Traditional Knowledge Institute, the Italy-based organization with which he’s associated, and he’s quick with his own question, “How much time have you got?”


Get More Out Of LIFE At The Library!

2019 January/February

If one were to pluck problems like weeds from the soil of life, exposing the unseen roots feeding the thorns above, ignorance would be exposed as the footing of most troubles. Knowledge, therefore, is the weeding tool needed to nourish a verdant and varied garden of the mind and soul. And the gardening sheds with the sharpest and most superior tools are our public libraries.


The Importance of OUR Library

2019 January/February

Libraries are important. They always have been. They always will be. No matter what innovations beset us, be they printing presses, typewriters, computers, or holograms (maybe?), the idea behind libraries is ideas. And ideas will always save us.


A Street By Any Other Number

2018 November/December

Numbering, as a way of naming streets, is a common and easy way to bring organization to the grid structure of most cities.


Cheers! to a New Year

2018 November/December

Shop Small & Win Big

2018 November/December

Christmas shopping is the time we think of the ones we love, looking for those perfect gifts to express our appreciation for those closest to us.


A Season of Hope, A Walk to Remember

2018 November/December

One of the season’s earliest events is Paducah’s advent walk. Organized by five of Paducah’s oldest churches, it is a time orchestrated to focus the hearts and minds of participants on the basis for the holiday season.



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