American Studies at Paducah Tilghman Now Transcends Two Generations

2013 Jan/Feb Edition

For a school that prides itself on a tradition of excellence, Paducah Tilghman’s annual American Studies trip to Washington, D.C., just reached a new depth of experience.

Ag Class

2013 Jan/Feb Edition

The unconventional agriculture program at Lone Oak High School is so much more than sows, cows, & plows!

West Kentucky Wanderings: Fredonia Kentucky

2012 Nov/Dec Edition

We are posting this edition of West Kentucky Wanderings with heavy hearts for the people of Fredonia. The Blair-Wilson School, a symbol of the sense of preservation held by the town of Fredonia, burned overnight. May the sense of community, the value of the past, and the hopes of a bright future continue to uplift all those who put so much work into the retoration of Blair-Wilson.

Corvette Lovers, It's Time to Celebrate!

2012 July/August Edition

This week marks the 60th anniversary of the Chevrolet Corvette, the pinnacle and standard in American sports cars. Chevy recently unveiled the 60th anniversary Stingray, a model that is new and sleek yet with hints of its 1963 predecessor. 


It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

2012 May/June Edition

Urban pioneers have adopted an attitude toward their surroundings and sunk their claim in a house, in a neighborhood, and in a future for their family and friends.

Build It And They Will Come

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

We often become acutely aware that there are no limits to the dreams that can be realized when just one positive outcome begins to build on another.


There were many BARGAINS at the FAIR!

2012 July/August Edition

This year the ladies of the League succeeded in turning trash into treasure in more ways than one!


Creating an Anti-Bullying Campaign

2012 March/April Edition

More than 250,000 students are physically attacked in secondary schools each MONTH.


Susan Guess is a mother on a mission.


Compassion (and a good meal) is served up every day at Paducah’s Community Kitchen

2012 March/April Edition

“I pray every day that this place keeps going! It helps meet mental and emotional needs as well as physical.”—Faye Witherspoon


“I thought it was only for the homeless, but it’s for people like me, too. It’s a wonderful place.”—James Acree


It was love at first bite

2012 July/August Edition

It was love at first bite Andy Carloss brings his affection for Paducah, produce, and becoming a proprietor to fruition with the creation of the new Midtown Market



“It’s exciting!” Andy Carloss comments. And he’s not the only one who feels that way.



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