Simply B is Broadway Bound

2014 July/August Edition

It’s like suddenly being a part of a wonderful neighborhood” -Missy Brown


Reverend W.G. Harvey: One Man's Journey on the Road to Civil Rights

Exclusive Online Content

The Emancipation Proclamation, Abraham Lincoln’s executive order freeing slaves in the United States, went into effect January 1, 1863. Yet over a century later, full freedom for black Americans was not yet realized.


Having a Blast!

2014 May/June Edition

The warmth of the summer air relaxes as darkness eases into the countryside just south of Lone Oak on an early July evening. The quiet nightfall is deceiving.


Grab Your Partner, It's a Paducah Square Dance!

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When's the last time you heard about a community-wide square dance in Paducah? Been a while? Maybe never? J.D. Wilkes wants to change that.


Becoming Superman

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When Superman Celebration organizers searched for an official Superman in 2008, they knew whomever they chose would have some pretty big shoes to fill. We are talking about THE Man of Steel. A person whose integrity and personality should be as strong as the pects supporting the iconic S shield on the chest of the costume.


Truth, Justice, & the Metropolis Way

2014 May/June Edition

Five year old Nathan's excitement level is at a fever pitch. He's costumed, head to toe, as his hero, Superman. He walks hand in hand with his dad, smiling and surveying a host of others dressed as their favorites. There goes Batman, looking both ways before crossing the street. On the corner stands Captain America, posing for a photo with eager fans. There's a Spiderman funnel cake in hand, strolling in the distance.

West Kentucky Wanderings - Princeton: A Bloom in the Black Patch

2014 May/June Edition

Carson Park: A Gift for the Ages

2014 May/June Edition

Luther F. Carson, founder of the Paducah Coca-Cola bottling plant, knew something had to be done. The McCracken County fair lost its home in 1923 after a property sale, and ever since then, became itinerant.


A Labor of Love

2014 May/June Edition

Fair Organizers See the Fruits of their Work in the Youth of McCracken County


Life, Love, and Livestock

2014 May/June Edition

Lessons Abound at the McCracken County Fair Livestock Shows



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