Schools Tribute Edition - Now Available Via Mail!

2013 September/October Edition

The McCracken County High Schools Tribute Edition is now available!  Many of you who no longer live in the Paducah area have asked how you can get one. You can now order online and have it shipped to you!


This expanded, special keepsake publication covers all three McCracken County high schools: Lone Oak, Heath, & Reidland.


Strings for Hope

2013 September/October Edition

Paducah native Laura Rudolph Wilson and her family have become INSTRUMENTS of hope for the hungry.


They Make You Feel Like Dancin’

2013 September/October Edition

The Lure of the Mysterious Vampire

2013 September/October Edition

Row, Row, Row Your Boat!

2013 September/October Edition

This fall scores of oarsmen (and oarswomen) will be taking off from the shores of the Ohio River to once again row their way to fame and fortune—to support the River Discovery Center’s educational programs.


The Art of Making the Dead Come to Life

2013 September/October Edition

"Dude, you look awful!" says David Paris as he examines the face of Corey Thomas. "Really, you look like crap… just bad. And I mean that in the best of ways!"


Corey grabs a mirror and peers at his reflection. "Oh yeah, that's awesome!"


"Man, you disgust me!" laughs David.


They're Coming to Get You, Paducah!

2013 September/October Edition

Insider's Guide to Barbecue on the River

Exclusive Online Content

In 2012, we learned about the far-reaching expertise and the international attention of Shane Draper, owner of DBQ. So we asked the pro to offer up a little insight into the world of competitive BBQ. Here’s what we learned.


An Injury to One is the Concern of All

Exclusive Online Content

I often think about the old Knights of Labor on Labor Day.


Okay, I’m a retired history teacher who still packs a union card.


Big Game Lives Up to Big Hype

Exclusive Online Content

A new school, a new game, and a new generation of local football lore begins!


One point.



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