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2018 March/April

Paducah Pioneers in Culture, Creativity, Innovation

2018 January/February

Barbara Cobb Pens the Winning WKMS Short Story

2018 January/February

A Little Story About A Big Issue

2017 November/December

Frenchtown Station

2017 September/October

A Room Of Their Own

2017 September/October

For A Few Minutes

2017 July/August

Thank You For READING

2017 May/June

Thank you for READING.


The Blackwell House of Couture

2017 March/April

Valentino. Lauren. Blackwell. No, not Richard Blackwell the former fashion designer of the 60s. Roby Blackwell, the Paducah fashion designer of the future.


Even his name is stylized. (It’s pronounced Robbie but his Mom determined the spelling had to work with his brothers’ names of Ryan and Ross—you know, four letters long.)


Makers Gonna Make!

2017 March/April

I am currently reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic.


And I would most certainly entertain the idea of sharing its every page with you here if space, and copyright laws, would allow. So the best I can do in this arena is to recommend that you get one for yourself.


But I do want to share this bit of inspiration.


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