Darlene Mazzone

A New Dawn, a New Day, a New Place!

2014 July/August Edition

Simply B is Broadway Bound

2014 July/August Edition

It’s like suddenly being a part of a wonderful neighborhood” -Missy Brown


The Investment of Travel

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Several years ago the editor of MORE Magazine wrote, “I assess my savings in multiples of plane tickets.” She had emptied her checking account at the age of 30 to witness the wildebeest migration across the Serengeti before she died. That’s how young she was – she thought she had to act fast.


Celebrate World Book Night!

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WORLD BOOK NIGHT is April 23. But don’t limit yourself to one night. READ every day and every night! Just READ!


Happy Trails! Paducah Celebrates 50 Years of Dogwoods

2014 March/April Edition

This April, like the half century before it, Paducah residents will light up their dogwoods and showcase the beautiful trees and bushes in yards and gardens and along sidewalks and driveways as part of the annual Dogwood Trail

Paducah: A UNESCO Creative City

2014 January/February Edition

We think the world of Paducah! Now the world will think of us!

I Believe

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I believe.


A few years ago during the Visitors Bureau’s painstaking quest to have Paducah become a UNESCO Creative City, a local editorial writer scoffed at the idea and commented that it would never produce any “tangible return.”


Holiday Recipe - Carolyn Brown's Coconut Cake

2013 November/December Edition

Holiday Recipe - Nancy Holm's Hash Brown Casserole

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Holiday Recipe - Lucille Wagner's Broccoli Casserole

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