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2013 July/August Edition

Kristin Williams arrived on the streets of Paducah as an economic developer to create more corporate activity for her new hometown. She then crafted a relationship with John Williams, Jr. that led to a marriage of 13+ years. And for many companies in this region and beyond, Kristin artfully orchestrated strategic plans for business growth and development.

First Music Camp at WKCTC Offers Students Unique Opportunity: Public Performance Tomorrow

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More than 150 elementary, middle and high school students from several states attended the first summer music camp sponsored by the Paducah Symphony Orchestra (PSO) this week at West Kentucky Community and Technical College.


The Mayor's Art Club presents Through the Looking Glass

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Through June 30, you can enjoy a variety of art exhibits as a part of the Mayor's Art Club. The art is on display in the mayor's office on the second floor of City Hall.


The Battle Against Bullying

2013 May/June Edition

“Many times people have asked me why I have continued to push our Anti-Bullying campaign,” says Susan Guess, founder of the Guess Anti-Bullying Fund. Her answer is, “How can we NOT fight against violence and disrespect among our youth? 

design DETAILS: Signed, Sealed, and Delivered!

It pays to have friends in high places. The search for a truly meaningful and unique gift is often quite the challenge. An autographed book by one of the couple’s favorite authors or maybe an autograph from a favorite sports professional is an idea. Or if you get lucky, one of your friends may have an inside track to the queen of wedding protocol herself!


design DETAILS: What they carried!

Bridal bouquets bring luck, they bring beauty, and they typically involve flowers, but very rarely do they break the mold. The out-of-the-box bouquets of Samantha Heath and Anna Draper, however, did exactly that.


design DETAILS: To see or not to see? That is the question!

In the hours leading up to their wedding, Kayla and Sam Luker didn’t see each other, not once. They did, however, meet up with their photographer Heather Todd for a creative photo session—Kayla in her wedding dress and veil, Sam in his suit and blindfold.


design DETAILS: A Charming Cross-Stitch Sampler & Charms That Take The Cake

Jackie and Andrew McShane’s wedding kept with many classic bridal traditions - church ceremony, black suits, white dress—but it also celebrated a few not-so-common family traditions.


design DETAILS: Caked Crusaders!

Emily and David Magley had a gorgeous Artisan Kitchen masterpiece-of-a-cake at their wedding reception, but all anyone could talk about was David’s superhuman groom’s cake.


“Most people thought that since David’s a basketball player I’d do something sports-themed for his cake, but that just wasn’t him,” Emily said. “He started reading comic books when he was four and he still reads them to this day. He’s so passionate about them! So I knew exactly what I wanted for his groom’s cake.”



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