Corvette Lovers, It's Time to Celebrate!

2012 July/August Edition

This week marks the 60th anniversary of the Chevrolet Corvette, the pinnacle and standard in American sports cars. Chevy recently unveiled the 60th anniversary Stingray, a model that is new and sleek yet with hints of its 1963 predecessor. 


The unveiling will no doubt be a topic of great interest to those in Paducah's Four Rivers Corvette Club. The Corvette is more than something to drive; it's something to aspire to. The lure of the car perpetuates its own culture, and, for owners in our area, the club is a hub to share everything Corvette while at the same time help the community.


"I got involved about 8 years ago," says J.V. Kerley, "with my first Corvette, a '97. I've always like American made muscle cars, and the Corvette is the natural, American sports car." Since joining the club in '04, J.V. has added two more Vettes to his collection.


"The Four Rivers Corvette Club is a great organization," adds J.V. "There are about 90 people now, and the the best way to describe it is people from all walks of life with nothing in common except a love for Corvettes. We meet once a month, take various trips, and do things that always involve eating! Recently we drove to Reelfoot Lake just for fun. There have been long trips, too. One was up to South Dakota. It is fun being together. We can sit and talk about these cars all day. And we do!"


J.V. & Brenda

For J.V. and his wife Brenda, the club also offers a way to band together with others for the betterment of the community. "We just a project with the V.A.," says Brenda. "We sometimes get called by local high schools who want to use some convertibles for homecomings. Our big event every year is the Corvette only show in downtown Paducah."


Corvettes on the River is an annual event held each September at the Paducah Farmer's Market parking lot by the floodwall. it is a benefit for St. Nicholas Family Clinic. "St. Nicholas is great," adds J.V. "They are helping working people who don't have an option for health insurance and can't afford to get the healthcare they need." In 2011, the show raised over $8500 for the clinic.


The annual show is a big event not only for Four Rivers members, but to Corvette owners from other clubs. Multiple states are represented in the judged show. "We usually have about 160 Corvettes," says J.V. "And when everyone comes together, it's a good time. There are prizes, vendors, parts suppliers; and we get to use our love of these cards to help St. Nicholas and the community."



For more information on the Four Rivers Corvette Club, visit their website.

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