A Dickens of a Dessert

2014 November/December Edition

After hearing about the popularity of Christmas Pudding (a dense, holiday cake dessert) in Britain, we quickly rushed off to the the Paducah Life test kitchen to create one of our own. The result was a tasty dish that will no doubt become one of our favorite holiday traditions!


A living, boiling, bubbling, baking history of a time long ago in Land Between The Lakes

2014 September/October Edition

What magic exists in those heirloom recipes from our great-grandmothers that just reading them connects us into family and culture and time as poetry might? In making the recipe we can physically smell and taste what once kept a family going.


Holiday Recipe - Carolyn Brown's Coconut Cake

2013 November/December Edition

Holiday Recipe - Nancy Holm's Hash Brown Casserole

Exclusive Online Content

Holiday Recipe - Lucille Wagner's Broccoli Casserole

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Holiday Recipe - Gina Brock's Best Salad Ever

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Holiday Recipe - Rita Broome's Fruit Cake Cookies

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Insider's Guide to Barbecue on the River

Exclusive Online Content

In 2012, we learned about the far-reaching expertise and the international attention of Shane Draper, owner of DBQ. So we asked the pro to offer up a little insight into the world of competitive BBQ. Here’s what we learned.


A Grassfed Grassroots Vision

2013 July/August Edition

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. In fact, events in my life have gone so counter to expectation over the years that I have come to embrace the belief that our strengths often become our weakness and our weakness our strength. What does this have to do with hamburgers? The evolution of our beef enterprise over almost five decades and the quality of its present end product (the grass-fed ground beef and the accompanying cuts) proves the accuracy of this observation.

Welcome to Paducah: An American Burger Town

2013 July/August Edition

The word HAMBURGER is distinctly German. The HAMBURGER SANDWICH is wholly American.



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