2012 Nov/Dec Edition


Alex Metzger

My idea of a delicious . . .

Dessert - I am not really a dessert guy.  Every year for a family birthday my dad made gingerbread cake which I love.  Is that actually a dessert or abread?

Comfort Food - I love country ham, some sort of potatoes, and biscuits.  If it is in the morning, I just go with a country ham biscuit and hashbrowns.

In the beginning there was barbecue

2012 Nov/Dec Edition

I knew what Charles Dickens meant when he famously wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”     


Okay, sort of.     


I was wreathed in sweet, bluish-white smoke wafting heavenward from slabs of pork barbecue Michael Twitty was expertly slow-cooking over a hardwood fire at Colonial Williamsburg,VA, last July.     


Dough for Dough: The Donut Hole is No Half-Baked Idea

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

Some teenagers think of nothing but coasting through life with the help of someone else. Others crash on the couch and play video games for an unpredictable amount of time.  But some have that mature ingenuity, the type (normally) fashioned from hard work and old-fashioned experience, and put it to good use.



Remembering Burger Chef

2012 July/August Edition

PJ and Mary Ruth Grumley recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of their opening of Paducah’s first fast-food franchise.


Hillbilly Stills

2012 July/August Edition


Willie Green piled the hickory logs high on the tiny wooden cart hitched to his horse, Buddy. He could barely see in the dark of the night, but the moon cast just enough light to get by. He heaved the last log on top of the pile, walked up to Buddy’s head, rubbed the old horse on the nose, and said, “Well friend, here we go.” 



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