Calling Paducah Home!

2013 Jan/Feb Edition

Kentucky native and Navy veteran, Phillip Chesnut, sailed around the midwest before he finally came ashore on the banks of the rushin' Ohio River. He's happy to be aground here in Paducah.

The Sun Shines Bright on Their Old Kentucky Home

2012 Nov/Dec Edition

Have you ever had a dream; something that you thought was unattainable, out-of-reach, pie-in-the-sky? It's a dream that you put away on a shelf and took out only when life was at its most overwhelming.  It's a dream that you never thought in your wildest imaginings would ever come true.

How to Entertain Like a PRO (and Look Like One, Too!)

2012 Nov/Dec Edition


The holidays can be stressful even if you’re not having 50 people over for a cocktail party or 30 guests for dinner on Christmas Eve.  To some, entertaining can be a challenge and then when you add in all the turkey, tinsel and toys, things can get even more chaotic.  Here are some helpful hints that can, perhaps, save your sanity and ensure that you and your guests actually ENJOY these special seasonal occasions.

Going Green at Ferguson

2012 Nov/Dec Edition

We heard it through the pipeline that going green is going great at Ferguson

They Still Make Tupperware?

2012 Nov/Dec Edition

Kerie Crawford is refashioning the early art of the shirtwaist, the kitchen container party, and the cultural reclamation of actually getting people together in person.


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