James Ford

Barbara & Dawn Conjure Up A Harry Halloween

2015 September/October

Inch By Inch, Row By Row, They're Going To Make Their Gardens Grow

2015 July/August

If you have ever set your hand to gardening as a novice, you know it is not as simple as putting seeds in the ground and waiting for them to grow. Gardening is equal parts science and art. It is a learned skill. And these Master Gardeners have studied, worked the soil, and enjoyed the fruits of their labors.




An ancient art gets a 21st century reincarnation in Paducah

2013 Jan/Feb Edition


Inspiration and change in direction can come in some of the most unexpected places. For Craig Cruse, one of those moments occurred during the first few moments of a movie. 


Ag Class

2013 Jan/Feb Edition

The unconventional agriculture program at Lone Oak High School is so much more than sows, cows, & plows!

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