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Author Dustin Lynn Finds Life Abundant in the Midst of Adversity

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The greatest beauty in life often rises from the darkest ashes of despair. Just ask Dustin Lynn.


West Kentucky Wanderings - Princeton: A Bloom in the Black Patch

2014 May/June Edition

Carson Park: A Gift for the Ages

2014 May/June Edition

Luther F. Carson, founder of the Paducah Coca-Cola bottling plant, knew something had to be done. The McCracken County fair lost its home in 1923 after a property sale, and ever since then, became itinerant.


A Labor of Love

2014 May/June Edition

Fair Organizers See the Fruits of their Work in the Youth of McCracken County


Life, Love, and Livestock

2014 May/June Edition

Lessons Abound at the McCracken County Fair Livestock Shows


Gettin' Ready for the County Fair

2014 May/June Edition

Every year when summer comes around, they stretch a banner 'cross the main street in town. You can feel something's happenin' in the air ... getting ready for the county fair. -Bruce Springsteen


A Diligence & Dedication to All Things Weather

2014 March/April Edition

The stillness of the air is nearly unnerving. The only sound to ripple across the silence is the occasional chirp of a bird. They too seem agitated, flitting this way and that against the backdrop of an unbroken blue sky.


Rise and Shine and Snap

2014 January/February Edition

The world reposes in a shroud of dark slumber at 4 AM. In Lower Town Paducah, a scant number of faint sounds can occasionally be heard amidst the blanket of silence. The smell of coffee emanates from Kenneth Rudolph's kitchen as he finishes off his first cup.


Boom! Pow! CRASH!

2014 January/February Edition

Paducah's comic book store stands guard protecting an original American art form for a legion of loyal fans


"'I didn't know places like this really existed! I saw something like this on TV, and I had to come see it for myself!'


Yeah, that's something I do hear from time to time," laughs Brent Thurston, manager at Crash! Comics.


Paducah's Annual Wastelanders Art Exhibition

Exclusive Online Content

Looking for something fun to do New Year's evening before you hit the big party? The Paducah Wastelanders, a group of regional artists who are either native or long time residents of the Paducah area will be hosting their 7th annual New Year’s Eve Art Exhibition of new artwork and celebration at the Yeiser Art Center in the Market House (2nd and Broadway) in downtown Paducah, Kentucky.


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