J.T. Crawford

Paducah Burgers - Bob's Drive In

2013 July/August Edition

The hamburger market can be fiercely competitive. To stay ahead, one must be innovative, forward thinking, and a step ahead of the other guys. Just ask McDonalds and Burger King. But one of Paducah’s finest burger joints has carved out its place in history by keeping things just the way they’ve always been.


Paducah Burgers - Dairyette

2013 July/August Edition

"This place is always packed at lunchtime," laughs a Dairyette devotee as he makes his way to the counter to place his order. "What are you gonna do, Roy?"


"I'm gonna build up," quips owner Roy Bohannon. "And the top's gonna rotate!"


The truth is that if Roy did indeed want to expand, up is the only direction available.


Paducah Burgers - G&O Pharmacy Grill

2013 July/August Edition

G&O Pharmacy has been bucking trends for a while. It is not only a thriving, locally owned drug store, it is a local lunch hotspot that attracts those who are in the know around Paducah.

The Duke of Paducah - An Update from Verne Woods, Navigator

Exclusive Online Content

Duke of Paducah navigator Verne Woods contacted us after Memorial Day with an amazing update to our Duke of Paducah B-17 story!

A Day in the Life - Taking Flight

2013 May/June Edition

The midnight air hangs still and black in Kelly Houser's bedroom. Saturday slips unassumingly into Sunday as she sleeps. The quietude of the moment is profound until it is broken by a call; a cry of distress.


A Day in the Life - One Day More

2013 May/June Edition

Famed choreographer Martha Graham said, "Theater is a verb before it is a noun, an act before it is a place." At the Market House Theatre, no one's life could be best described by action words better than that of Michael Cochran. Engage, impress, dazzle, create, execute, emote, develop—all verbs that are tailored to his daily activities.


The Duke of Paducah - Flying High in History

2013 May/June Edition

The title Duke of Paducah means diferent things to different people. For one group of young men in WWII, it meant a bond of friendship and the ravages of war that would change them forever.

What's the Big Hairy Deal?

2013 May/June Edition

Facial hair is in! And for these Paducahans, its more than a style; its a passion. Read about the Wandering Whiskers of Western KY!

For the Chapman Family, Life is Like a Mountain Highway

2013 May/June Edition

Our Library

Exclusive Online Content

How do you view your local library?


As I sat in front of the microfiche machine, scanning newspaper articles from 1952, it struck me once again how invaluable this place was to me. It may sound cliché, but our local library is a veritable treasure trove of information, much of which can only be found on the shelves and in the file cabinets of their back rooms.


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