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History in the Making: A Tribute to McCracken Co. Schools

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Now is your chance to be a part of history. The Tribute to McCracken County Schools is coming. Find out how you can participate!

The Zen of Writing for Paducah Life

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"I must be boring you to death!"


The statement caught me a little off guard. I was interviewing a lady about her profession as part of our upcoming series on people and their jobs.


LIFE keeps going round and round at Skateland

2013 March/April Edition

"This place is exactly the same as it was when I was kid." Connie Markgraf hears that often. As owner of Paducah's Kingsway Skateland, she has seen many changes at the local roller rink. They have been so subtle, however, that to most, Kingsway truly appears the same as it did when it opened in 1973.

January of this year marked the 40th anniversary of the Paducah landmark.

Calvert City Drive-In Opens 2013 Season, Surviving the World of Digital Movies

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The drive-in theater is pure Americana. We became an automobile nation in the 40s and 50s, and enterprising business owners catered to the hordes of motorists taking to the roads. From eating to banking and even a drive-in ferris wheel, it only seemed natural to take our movie entertainment outdoors and do it all from the car.


Juniors Join the Jam!

2013 March/April Edition

By the beginning of 2012, WKRR head coach Barbie Clark (aka Barba Fett) was ready to start a Junior League. Her own children, along with other skaters' kids, were showing interest in the sport.

A Bit of Derby Background

2013 March/April Edition

Debuting in Chicago in 1935, the Roller Derby started as a simple race between two-person skating teams. By the late 1930s, organizers allowed physical contact between skaters, and the core of the sport was formed. Around 2001, roller derby reemerged as a true sport in Austin, TX. Today there are over 1200 leagues world wide.

Off to the Derby

2013 March/April Edition

For these western Kentucky women GOING TO THE DERBY takes on a whole new meaning!

Come and Get It!

2013 March/April Edition

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” -George Bernard Shaw There is no place this is more true than in the galley of a riverboat.

Close Cobb Encounters: Shirley Temple's First Oscar

2013 March/April Edition

This photo, taken February 27, 1935, shows Paducah native Irvin S. Cobb handing an honorary Oscar to a six-year-old Shirley Temple, the youngest Oscar recipient ever. Cobb, a famous writer, humorist and columnist in the1920s, 30s and 40s, served as Host for the 6th Academy Awards at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. 


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