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Design Destiny

2017 March/April

As Shane Mastera grew up in Murray, Kentucky, his mother was designing and crafting a future that would take them to places they never imagined. Judith, an art major, had been selling jewelry and even owned a shoe store at one point. Then, she began designing clothes on a whim, naming her clothing line Shane Lee after her two sons.


Feeding The Masses

2017 March/April

The Vine That Ate The South

2017 March/April

Adjacent a busy, Western Kentucky highway, resides a forgotten memory—a true ghost town. Obscured by trees and undergrowth, passersby are scant aware of its existence, let alone its former significance.


Roll Out The Barrel!

2017 March/April

"It's the coolest thing a whiskey fan could possibly do," said Paducah Bourbon Society President Brian Shemwell shortly after departing the Jim Beam distillery. He, along with other members of the society, had selected a single barrel of Knob Creek bourbon and followed it as it was processed and ultimately bottled.


The Spirit Of Giving

2017 March/April

A Stitch In Baseball History

2017 January/February

The Smile Station

2017 January/February

Within the life of a community, there are places that provide the punctuation for its narrative. They give us a sense of comfort and neighborhood and provide definition to home. One such defining place in Reidland sat at the intersection of Reidland and Benton Roads.


Cops & Community

2017 January/February

It was a simple act of kindness—one moment of outreach that changed Paducah Police Officer Gretchen Morgan's life forever.


"When I was four, I was bit by a dog," she says. "I had to go to the hospital and get stitches. There was a police officer there who played peekaboo with me from behind a curtain. From that point on, I had an interest in law enforcement. "

The State Of Policing: Leading With Certainty In Uncertain Times

2017 January/February


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