J.T. Crawford

Arctic Bright View

2015 January/February

Valerie Rowe Megson drifts somberly among her herd of foals in west Marshall County. Memories flood her mind as she surveys the solemn faces of these young, rare horses.


We All Have Stories

2014 November/December Edition

Write what you know. The oft quoted and sometimes misunderstood mainstay of advice for new writers has been touted so often that it is nearly relegated to the realm of cliche.


When Paducah author Rick Algood began his writing career, no one gave him that prescription for becoming a novelist. He simply lived it.


Runnin' the Silver Trail

2014 November/December Edition

Four year old Spencer Balentine eagerly hopped into the passenger side of his daddy's coal black '49 Chevy. His feet, barely clearing the edge of deep bench seat, jutted out of the rolled up pants legs of his striped bib overalls. He rested them on the glass gallon jugs that occupied every inch of the floorboard.


Pumpkin Pie: The Champion of Holiday Desserts

Exclusive Online Content

A Dickens of a Dessert

2014 November/December Edition

After hearing about the popularity of Christmas Pudding (a dense, holiday cake dessert) in Britain, we quickly rushed off to the the Paducah Life test kitchen to create one of our own. The result was a tasty dish that will no doubt become one of our favorite holiday traditions!


Rare Art Discovered Downtown

Exclusive Online Content

The unexpected revelation of historical, advertisement artwork has created quite a stir in downtown Paducah.


It's All About Understanding

2014 September/October Edition

Travel begins with a question. The curious seeker's mind often remains unsettled as there is always another hill, another sea, another path. 


The Spirit of 'Shine in Paducah

2014 September/October Edition

Moses Hubbard plopped down at the base of the towering oak, simultaneously thudding against the parched, unyielding ground and the rough bark at the base of the tree. Sweat rolled from his brow and face as with one motion he swept his hat off his head with his hand and drug his shirt sleeve across his forehead with his arm. His back ached. His legs needed steadying. 

Rhythms of the River

2014 September/October Edition

Photos courtesy of the McCracken County Public Library


Take the Plunge!

2014 September/October Edition


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