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Is January 11th Paducah's Birthday?

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Matt Jaeger, McCracken County Library Assistant


What do you think?


A birthday is defined as 1) the day of a person’s birth and 2) a day of origin. When you’re talking about people, that day is pretty easy to determine. When you’re talking about a town’s origin, however, perhaps the answer is a tad grayer. 


The Devil & Mr. Cobb

2014 March/April Edition

March 11 marks the 70th anniversary of the death of Paducah's own Irvin S. Cobb, and by the time of his passing he had amassed a stunningly prolific and varied resume: author of over 60 books and 300 short stories, newspaper columnist, World War I correspondent, screenwriter, actor in 10 films, and host of the 6th Annual Academy Awards

Day Trippin' - Out of the Way Day Trips

2014 March/April Edition

#1 – McMinnville, Tennessee


Paducah is the greatest town on earth. Ask anyone. There's no denying that fact.


As the Cells Turn: The Twisted Tale of a Paducah Jail

2013 September/October Edition

On the spot where the McCracken County courthouse currently stands once sat a rotary jail. Yes, a rotary jail! Not many have heard of such a thing, much less that Paducah had one, and if you're anything like me, the first thought that popped in your head was, “We must've had a lot of naughty Rotarians if they needed their own separate slammer.” Nothing like that at all.


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