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Teen Takeover - The Future Leader: Jack Daniels

Teen Takeover - The Peacemaker: Hasaan Ali

2016 March/April

Part of Paducah Life's TEEN TAKEOVER


Hasaan Ali loves his Islamic faith and his Kentucky community, and even as a teenager, he’s worked hard to meld the two.


Fortunately, he says, the task wasn’t too difficult.


Teen Takeover - The Film Buff: Hannah Hunt

2016 March/April

Part of Paducah Life's TEEN TAKEOVER


Hannah Hunt has gone to see movies at Paducah’s Maiden Alley Cinema since she was a little girl, and now at 17, she is a member of the theater’s Teen Scene, a board made of city and county high school students.


Teen Takeover - The Problem Solver: Caleigh Propes

2016 March/April

Part of Paducah Life's TEEN TAKEOVER


At McCracken County High School (MCHS), there’s one student who wants to cure Alzheimer’s disease. You’ll often find her at a basketball game waving pompoms.


Caleigh Propes cares very little for stereotypes.


Teen Takeover - The Entrepreneur: Barton Christmas

2016 March/April

Part of Paducah Life's TEEN TAKEOVER


Barton Christmas has had a dream since he was 13. He wants to give every person on planet earth a Coke, just like the 1971 song.


Teen Takeover - The Volunteer: Ashley Dunn

Teen Takeover - The Recruit: Amiya Jones

Beads of Courage

2015 September/October

When Kerie Crawford turned 40, she didn't give the number much thought. An active cyclist, a lover of travel, and always young at heart, she anticipated no major changes to her lifestyle just because of age.


Open The Book, Fall In

2015 July/August

Consummate reader Mary Hammond graciously give us her suggestions for a season of good reads.


"Composing a reading list is serious business for me. I love the challenge of researching new books and reading reviews and comments from friends as titles are gathered.


Boots & Bangles

There was definitely a little horsing around going on at this wedding.



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