Coming Home

2013 March/April Edition

There's just no accounting for that pull to come back home!

Welcome to our World!

2013 March/April Edition

Genevieve Postlethwait joins PADUCAH LIFE Magazine as Associate Editor.

The creativity of Barton Christmas will blow you away!

Exclusive Online Content


While many teenage boys play video games or do yard work to earn extra cash, Barton Christmas uses his time and talents making balloon animals for parties and other special events. 


PTHS Class of ‘64 Reunion Enjoys 50 Years of Friendship

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The dreaded high school class reunion comes but once every few years. For classmates of Paducah Tilghman High School’s Class of 1964, reunions are neither dreaded nor are they only an obligation one has to fulfill. In fact, the class will celebrate its 50th year reunion in 2014 and they are already excitedly making plans for the week of the event.

You Never Know What LIFE Will Bring You

2013 Jan/Feb Edition

“You never know what a day will bring. You never know what your life will bring, for that matter.”

Local author Chris Skates writes his way to Washington

2013 Jan/Feb Edition

How did one Paducah man manage to eat breakfast in Washington, D.C., with a Harvard trained astrophysicist and a moon-walking astronaut? Simple, he wrote a political thriller involving one of the hottest topics in the environmental movement—climate change.


Like Father, Like Son

2013 Jan/Feb Edition


A tradition of academic leadership lives on

Striking a beautiful chord

2013 Jan/Feb Edition


The Allen’s have been in the business of making and selling music since the days of the big bands

An ancient art gets a 21st century reincarnation in Paducah

2013 Jan/Feb Edition


Inspiration and change in direction can come in some of the most unexpected places. For Craig Cruse, one of those moments occurred during the first few moments of a movie. 


An Inspiring Inspiration Board

2013 Jan/Feb Edition

Betsy Burkeen shows us how to keep your inspiration always in view  



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