Portraits of Paducah

2012 Nov/Dec Edition

Photography is my hobby, and this is my favorite photo I’ve taken locally.  I took it at the 2010 Paducah Veteran's Day parade.  I was waiting for a group of veterans from Paducah Power System to come down the street so I could take their picture for our customer newsletter.  I looked over my left shoulder and noticed a veteran stopped in the street.  At first I didn't realize why he had stopped but then I saw the young man saluting him.  I had one chance at the photo and snapped it.  It was a quick moment but very touching.  Through FaceBook, believe it or not, I learned within a day or so that the young man in the picture is Gabe DeFew.  He is a very patriotic young man.  He was one of several Lyon County students at the parade.  I connected with his mom and was able to share the photo with her and her husband.  I don't know the identity of the veteran.  I would love to because I think it would be interesting to hear his perspective on that spontaneous moment.   


I love the Paducah Veteran's Day parade and the way it connects young people to our history in such a personal way.  It is heartwarming to stand along the parade route and hear the children (and adults) cheer for our local veterans.  It's just one of the many things about this community that makes it special, and to me, this photo represents that connection between the different generations.

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