Tracey Buchanan

A Love Story on the Corner of Pines and Woodland

2014 March/April Edition

The old Athey house, as long-time Paducah Lifers call it, was once a few weeks shy of destruction, seemingly on its way to being torn down to make way for a dog park. Bill and Judy Sheppard had other plans for it.


Strings for Hope

2013 September/October Edition

Paducah native Laura Rudolph Wilson and her family have become INSTRUMENTS of hope for the hungry.


Voices from the Grave: Mary Wheeler

2013 September/October Edition

April 1, 1892 – July 26, 1979

Old 9, 137, Oak Grove Cemetery


H.O.R.S.E.S. Saddle up for an inspiring ride!

2013 July/August Edition

Brandon Holder’s team of volunteers helps him out of the wheelchair and positions him on Cappy, the horse he will ride today. It takes a wide Velcro strap and a back brace to hold Holder in place. The 19-year-old, who deals with arthrogryposis, a rare congenital disorder characterized by stiff joints and abnormally developed muscles, has a smile the size of Texas on his face. Holder, who loves all things horse-related, comes to Carson Park every week from Benton to ride with H.O.R.S.E.S. The non-profit group “Helps Others Reach Success using Equine Services.” Joy and Bill Winebarger launched this therapeutic riding program in 2005.

Paducah Life is Fantastic

Exclusive Online Content

When I graduated from Paducah Tilghman in 1978, I headed to Texas, where they grew ‘em tall (an important fact when you’re a girl and are 6 feet tall yourself). I waved goodbye to my parents, put the pedal to the metal and – after being stopped for speeding – carried all my worldly goods into a dormitory brimming with excited freshmen.


I wasn’t looking back.


Wedding with a side of Mystery

You don’t typically put the words “wedding,” “murder,” and “mystery” in the same sentence. You don’t unless you’re Matt Markgraf and Asia Burnett. This bride and groom wanted a memorable and unique wedding reception and, by golly, they got it.



The couple hired two actors who attended their wedding reception, mingling with other guests. The 140 invited guests did know about the theme in advance, but they knew none of the specifics.


Art Within Art

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

When Jo Bray decided her collection of Sid Dickens hand-painted memory blocks needed to be displayed in a special way in her new home, she took the project to Doug Topolski, co-owner of Right Angle Frame Shop & Gallery.


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