About Us – Advertising

Mazzone Communications is a marketing and communications firm located in Western Kentucky. Darlene Mazzone, President, was formerly a partner in LaneMazzone & Associates, a full-service advertising agency, established in 1985. The firm successfully handled a client base over a 10-year period which included both regional and national accounts. Today, Mazzone Communications provides full-service marketing support to include advertising campaign planning, writing, graphic design, video, and more.

In 1990s, the company also initiated several print products of its own including a municipal magazine for Paducah, Kentucky called PADUCAH LIFE Magazine. The company now also publishes The Wedding Book, an annual special edition.

Through PADUCAH LIFE Magazine, we provide multiple platforms to help you tell your story! Be a part of a publication that is actually read cover to cover by our readers. We believe in quality and we believe in the power of content. That means readers actually pay attention to what is on each page of Paducah Life Magazine. They aren’t just flipped through in a moment’s time. More importantly, every issue gets into the hands of a reader. We don’t print stacks of magazines that will never be opened and later tossed.

We also have thousands of loyal followers on social media, our webpage, and a weekly Around & About email that can reach over 7,000 inboxes. We can put all of these to work for you!

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