An Inspiring Inspiration Board

An Inspiring Inspiration Board

Betsy Burkeen shows us how to keep your inspiration always in view  


While January is a great time to make a fresh start, it's also the time when the winter blues can set in. So rather than give up on those New Year's Resolutions, try covering a bulletin board with words and images that bring joy, laughter, and inspiration. Hang it in a place you are likely to see throughout the day. 


Betsy Burkeen is a working mom and wife with three children. She knows a thing or two about feeling overwhelmed. Just a quick glance over the things that make her most thankful is usually enough to get her back on track.


"My life feels like a whirlwind at times. Sometimes I just need to take a moment to examine the things in my life that are really good," said Betsy. "It's usually enough to get me motivated to get through another crazy day!"

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