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2018 September/October

Ashley Bennett-Riley labels herself a talker.


"I'm seriously the most chatty person ever," she laughs.


But, she just gets excited—especially when she's talking about any of her many passions: her husband, Brad; her art; or her business, Facing the Sunshine Stationery and Design.


A.I.R. Studio Paducah

2018 March/April

A space for making, creating, and mindfulness


Leonard the Band

2018 March/April

HeArt & Soul

2018 March/April

Elizabeth Russell dips a paintbrush into a small dab of white. She gently moves it over to a sheet of paper that she textured with contrasting pink and gray watercolors. After the tip of the brush lightly touches the surface, she drags the bristles in a curve, the white paint leaving the brush behind in a streak on the page, instantly creating the forward part of a dragon’s wing.

Something From Nothing

2017 November/December

Songs To Eclipse By

2017 July/August

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New Music From Chris Black

Exclusive Online Content

The Vine That Ate The South

2017 March/April

Adjacent a busy, Western Kentucky highway, resides a forgotten memory—a true ghost town. Obscured by trees and undergrowth, passersby are scant aware of its existence, let alone its former significance.


Art At Work

2017 March/April

When a Paducah business is faced with blank walls and plain paint, what’s the logical next step? Paducah ART. 



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