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Happy Anniversary!

2014 March/April Edition

Mention the Carson Center to Gavin Smith and his big, brown eyes light up almost as brightly as the lights on Broadway in New York City. Just nine years old, Gavin isn’t old enough to remember a Paducah without a performing arts center, but it would be difficult to find a bigger fan than Gavin of the programs and the staff who work there.


Day Trippin' - Out of the Way Day Trips

2014 March/April Edition

#1 – McMinnville, Tennessee


Paducah is the greatest town on earth. Ask anyone. There's no denying that fact.


Paducah: A UNESCO Creative City

2014 January/February Edition

We think the world of Paducah! Now the world will think of us!

The Art of Math

2014 January/February Edition

Many children have followed in the footsteps of their fathers, but significantly fewer fathers have taken the lead from their children. 

Rise and Shine and Snap

2014 January/February Edition

The world reposes in a shroud of dark slumber at 4 AM. In Lower Town Paducah, a scant number of faint sounds can occasionally be heard amidst the blanket of silence. The smell of coffee emanates from Kenneth Rudolph's kitchen as he finishes off his first cup.


Paducah's Annual Wastelanders Art Exhibition

Exclusive Online Content

Looking for something fun to do New Year's evening before you hit the big party? The Paducah Wastelanders, a group of regional artists who are either native or long time residents of the Paducah area will be hosting their 7th annual New Year’s Eve Art Exhibition of new artwork and celebration at the Yeiser Art Center in the Market House (2nd and Broadway) in downtown Paducah, Kentucky.

LIFE can change in an INSTANT

2013 November/December Edition

What’s black and white, Amaro, Mayfair, Rise, Hudson, infinite other color combinations, and “read” actively by over 150 million users a month? Not a newspaper. Instagram.


A Handmade Holiday Treasure from the heart and hands of Maudine Buchanan

2013 November/December Edition


2013 September/October Edition

The Lure of the Mysterious Vampire

2013 September/October Edition


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