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The Art of Making the Dead Come to Life

2013 September/October Edition

"Dude, you look awful!" says David Paris as he examines the face of Corey Thomas. "Really, you look like crap… just bad. And I mean that in the best of ways!"


Corey grabs a mirror and peers at his reflection. "Oh yeah, that's awesome!"


"Man, you disgust me!" laughs David.


Pieces of a Nation

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EPHEMERA PADUCAH is the CENTER for the everyday artist

2013 July/August Edition

Kristin Williams arrived on the streets of Paducah as an economic developer to create more corporate activity for her new hometown. She then crafted a relationship with John Williams, Jr. that led to a marriage of 13+ years. And for many companies in this region and beyond, Kristin artfully orchestrated strategic plans for business growth and development.

Art From the Heart

2013 July/August Edition

Gay Speirbhain has traveled all over, in both location and imagination. A Tennessee native and 50-year resident of New Mexico, Gay has made a delightful addition to Paducah’s creative community. But don’t let her southern charm fool you. She offers something more than a pleasant chat on the front porch and a tall glass of lemonade. She is as colorful in her folk art as she is at enchanting audiences with the stories she tells about her life growing up in the south and tales of her adventures as an artist living out west. 

Red Ember & Gideon's Rifle

2013 July/August Edition

Shooting from the hip brought a glow of embers to players and partners in two new Paducah-roots bands

First Music Camp at WKCTC Offers Students Unique Opportunity: Public Performance Tomorrow

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More than 150 elementary, middle and high school students from several states attended the first summer music camp sponsored by the Paducah Symphony Orchestra (PSO) this week at West Kentucky Community and Technical College.


Summer Street Styles

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Western Kentucky’s wintery weather finally said its goodbyes just in time for spring to come out and play, but the summer heat is hot on spring’s flowery heels. It’s time for front porch-sitting, cold drink-sipping, and downtown strolling, and whether you’re the type to sport the latest trends or the type to tend toward the classic, the key to summer style is comfort and confidence.

The Mayor's Art Club presents Through the Looking Glass

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Through June 30, you can enjoy a variety of art exhibits as a part of the Mayor's Art Club. The art is on display in the mayor's office on the second floor of City Hall.


What's the Big Hairy Deal?

2013 May/June Edition

Facial hair is in! And for these Paducahans, its more than a style; its a passion. Read about the Wandering Whiskers of Western KY!

Meredith Schroeder: This Year's Quilt Hall of Fame Inductee

2013 May/June Edition

Would it be a stretch to liken Paducah's Meredith Schroeder to the Beatles?



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