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Behind the Scenes at our SEASONS Cover Shoot

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From the fresh smell of pine and fragrant fir to the turkey roasting in the oven and sugar cookies cooling on the counter, the seasons that embrace this time of year always come with the need to dress up! PADUCAH LIFE Magazine requested the help of Melissa Griffith at White Lili Boutique to help us deck the halls while bedecked in some of the season’s beautiful styles.  Aiding us in that couture commission are Laura Schaumburg and Lacey Glidden, bringing us tidings of gladness! Because who wouldn’t be glad to get all dressed up in these fabulous fashions during these special seasons.

Art Within Art

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

When Jo Bray decided her collection of Sid Dickens hand-painted memory blocks needed to be displayed in a special way in her new home, she took the project to Doug Topolski, co-owner of Right Angle Frame Shop & Gallery.


The Power Brokers

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

Three amazing jurors from the film world will be in attendance in order to declare the Best of the Fest, as well as awards in documentary, experimental, and animation. William Mapother, Toby Leonard, and John Gibson will give a well-rounded judgment as they each come from a different area of expertise.



Landee's Guide to Viewing

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

During REIFF, there are three venues utilized for film screening. Being a guru of scheduling would be to your advantage here. Each film is screened 2-3 times in three different venues giving one plenty of options, however you may need to invest in the eye-opening device featured in A Clockwork Orange.



Film Festival Definition Guide

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

River’s Edge International Film Festival (REIFF) – Originating in 2005, this film festival has grown to attract international films starting in 2008 and is the second longest running film festival in Kentucky. Maiden Alley Cinema – Paducah’s home for fine film.



Anatomy of a film festival

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

A film festival is NOT an invite only event. It is not ONLY for the avid film- goer. It provides moving pictures that narrate topics, stories, and ideas that we all can understand.



For the Love of Film: The River’s Edge International Film Festival brings original artistry to Paducah’s Maiden Alley Cinema

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

Paducah is nurturing a love affair with independent filmmakers and their provocative, unpredictable, prolific work. (Plus some really cool industry people are coming to town!)



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