Becoming Superman

Becoming Superman

When Superman Celebration organizers searched for an official Superman in 2008, they knew whomever they chose would have some pretty big shoes to fill. We are talking about THE Man of Steel. A person whose integrity and personality should be as strong as the pects supporting the iconic S shield on the chest of the costume.


It all started with with an online contest. "It wasn't just about looks," says Karla Ogle, celebration co-chair. "We really had to ask ourselves for someone who would do what Superman would do. How would be interact with the crowd, with the kids. Not just anyone can wear that cape."


The field was narrowed down to the top three, and DC Comics made the final choice.


"Through that, we picked Josh Boultinghouse, who has been our Superman ever since. He really did fit the looks. He's a personal trainer and serious fitness advocate. When he give you a hug, you know it!


"But he is also a very strong person inside, too. He's the sweetest guy you'd ever meet, and he adheres to a strong set of personal convictions. Truth, justice, and the American way: that's him in a nutshell!"


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