C’mon people now. Smile on your brother. Everybody get together. Try to love one another right now.

2013 July/August Edition

I believe in love.


Because if you start weeding out people in your LIFE who don’t dress like you, speak like you, have the same pets you do, or deliver babies in the same way, you miss out on a LOT of really interesting, meaningful, and even loving relationships.


Among our little band of brothers/sisters here at PADUCAH LIFE Magazine we have: Scott, (senior designer) who was brave enough (or some might say stupid enough) to sign on to ref competitive soccer and set an example for young girls about honesty and fairness; we have Amanda (graphic artist) who is now loving and living with her SECOND sweet pit bull; there’s JT (managing editor and all around get it done guy) who breeds goats and makes his own mozzarella (and my love for caprese salad is NOT why we hired him!); Sarah (our socialite—otherwise known as our social media whiz) who delivered two bright and beautiful boys in her HOUSE; and Genevieve (associate editor) who speaks fluent Mandarin and used to roller derby (she’s about 90 pounds MAYBE.)


EVERY time we do an interview or set up a photo shoot or just hang out with people at the G&O counter we experience the breadth and depth that is LIFE in Paducah.


It saddens me when I see people both in my backyard and in the world who dismiss the truly monumental potential of learning about and learning to love people who perhaps might seem, on the surface, to be “different” and thus “wrong” in some way? The “surface” hardly ever tells the story. Sometimes you have to peel back the layers to get at the sweetest part of the fruit. It’s worth the work it takes to get there.


Love is patient. It takes time.


My friend Tammy Zimmerman moved back home to Paducah after spending a number of years in high-falutin’ cities where cars speed down the freeway and people race to their next meeting. While their house was being built Tammy and her husband lived at the lake in a small hamlet where the speed LIMIT was about 35. “I learned that I had to incorporate ‘visiting time’ into my stops at the gas station or grocery store. But I learned so much about our little part of the world AND the people who inhabited it. It was time well spent,” she recalls.


C’mon people now. LIFE is full of wonderfully unique individuals who may have a beautiful or touching story. We know this for a fact. It’s what we do every day.


And we LOVE it. We also love one another.

* * * * * *


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