Casey Northcutt Watson

A Weird & Wonderful World

2018 September/October

Ashley Bennett-Riley labels herself a talker.


"I'm seriously the most chatty person ever," she laughs.


But, she just gets excited—especially when she's talking about any of her many passions: her husband, Brad; her art; or her business, Facing the Sunshine Stationery and Design.


America on a Whim

2017 September/October

Sometimes, Emily Morrow wants to do something big, something different—something that completely upends life for her and her husband. It’s a desire that has injected adventure into every phase of their marriage.


“Everything that we have ever done has been her idea,” Jason Morrow says. “And I’m just like, ‘Ok.’ There’s not a lot of discussion.”


Teen Court Is In Session

2016 July/August

We all make mistakes, but not all of us are given a second chance. A program in McCracken County is offering first time teen offenders that opportunity. This chance to wipe the slate clean is processed through a legitimate court, but under slightly different circumstances—Teen Court.  


Sign Here: The Story of the Guestbook Quilt

2016 July/August

In the past, a wedding guestbook simply served as a record of the friends and family members who celebrated a couple’s union.


Katie Johnson wanted hers to keep her warm.


Knit Here. Knit There. Knit Everywhere.

2016 July/August

Nothing can knit a group of people together quite like—well—knitting.


The Most Fabulous of Trends: Little Girls Cut Locks for Charity

2016 July/August

A typical ballerina often wears her hair in a classic bun. At the Academy of Movement and Performing Arts, five little dancers have sacrificed their buns for charity.


Over The River And Through The Woods

2016 May/June

When you want to establish your own business, sometimes, the best place to start is at your grandmother's house.


"Octopus" Artists John Hasagawa and Lily Liu

2016 January/February

Lily Liu says working in Paducah as an artist is like being an octopus.


"Here, I’ve met so many artists [who work in] so many different mediums, I feel like I have grown to become an octopus with tentacles," she says. "Each tentacle is grabbing and growing stronger in an area [of art]."


An Award For An Illuminating Work

2015 September/October

John Romang creates magic on Plexiglas acrylic sheets—he drops bright hues of ink and resin onto these surfaces and watches them blend and bend and swirl. Now, they have won him an award.


Piping Hot!

2015 July/August

Photos by Glenn Hall


Paducah’s newest tea and coffee shop is blending an English aesthetic with some American ingenuity and the results are simply delicious.


For Peter and Amber Barnett, business and passion are brewed from a cup of Earl Grey tea.



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