Class of 68

Class of 68

1968 was a year of major transition for the U.S. The nation, mired in the midst of the Vietnam war, was in a state of unrest. We lost both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy within the first six months. Major protests marked that year’s Democratic National Convention, and the American Civil Rights movement blossomed into a force that could not be ignored.


Back home in Paducah, a generation of young people were ready to make a difference in the world. In celebration of the upcoming ’68 Paducah Tilghman class reunion, we took a look back through an old yearbook, and we found plenty of bright-faced teens who went on to help make Paducah the place we know today. They pushed through the challenges, making our city a better place for generations to come. They were, and are, difference makers.


In the pages of PADUCAH LIFE Magazine, we asked you take a look at the following folks from the class of '68 to see how many you could identify. Here are the answers!


Becky Lankton Becker


Darline Dabney Washington


Charlotte Arnold Lee


Lucy Weil Paxton


Lana Shellman Sirk


Allan Rhodes


Joy Reynerson Lentz


Susan Clark Sacharnoski


Ronnie James


Bob Hopper


Paul Grumley


Jimmy Toy


Rose Ann Collins Fiorita


Juliette Ezzell Grumley




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