A Labor of Love

2014 May/June Edition

Fair Organizers See the Fruits of their Work in the Youth of McCracken County


Life, Love, and Livestock

2014 May/June Edition

Lessons Abound at the McCracken County Fair Livestock Shows


Gettin' Ready for the County Fair

2014 May/June Edition

Every year when summer comes around, they stretch a banner 'cross the main street in town. You can feel something's happenin' in the air ... getting ready for the county fair. -Bruce Springsteen


Celebrate World Book Night!

Exclusive Online Content

WORLD BOOK NIGHT is April 23. But don’t limit yourself to one night. READ every day and every night! Just READ!


Happy Trails! Paducah Celebrates 50 Years of Dogwoods

2014 March/April Edition

This April, like the half century before it, Paducah residents will light up their dogwoods and showcase the beautiful trees and bushes in yards and gardens and along sidewalks and driveways as part of the annual Dogwood Trail

A Diligence & Dedication to All Things Weather

2014 March/April Edition

The stillness of the air is nearly unnerving. The only sound to ripple across the silence is the occasional chirp of a bird. They too seem agitated, flitting this way and that against the backdrop of an unbroken blue sky.


Biscuits, Gravy, & Fellowship

2014 March/April Edition

The landscape around Fountain Avenue was largely undeveloped countryside in 1908. The Paducah trolley made its last stop nearby before heading back into town. A scant number of new homes dotted the area. And on an early spring day, the cornerstone was set for a new church building. Despite it's location, nearly 3,000 people witnessed the event.


Happy Anniversary!

2014 March/April Edition

Mention the Carson Center to Gavin Smith and his big, brown eyes light up almost as brightly as the lights on Broadway in New York City. Just nine years old, Gavin isn’t old enough to remember a Paducah without a performing arts center, but it would be difficult to find a bigger fan than Gavin of the programs and the staff who work there.


Back Where They Belong

2014 March/April Edition

If you look at the empty lot on the corner of 9th and Broadway, you can see the ghost of a library. You can see it in the steps leading up to Grace Church. You can see it in the big black mailbox at 215 Ridgewood Avenue, and in the empty fountain that now calls the Jefferson Street median its home. You can see it, too, in the garden of the McCracken County Public Library in the two columns that recently made their way back from the garden of Mrs. Olivia Cave.

Paducah: A UNESCO Creative City

2014 January/February Edition

We think the world of Paducah! Now the world will think of us!


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