The Battle Against Bullying

2013 May/June Edition

“Many times people have asked me why I have continued to push our Anti-Bullying campaign,” says Susan Guess, founder of the Guess Anti-Bullying Fund. Her answer is, “How can we NOT fight against violence and disrespect among our youth? 

Our Library

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How do you view your local library?


As I sat in front of the microfiche machine, scanning newspaper articles from 1952, it struck me once again how invaluable this place was to me. It may sound cliché, but our local library is a veritable treasure trove of information, much of which can only be found on the shelves and in the file cabinets of their back rooms.

History in the Making: A Tribute to McCracken Co. Schools

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Now is your chance to be a part of history. The Tribute to McCracken County Schools is coming. Find out how you can participate!

LIFE keeps going round and round at Skateland

2013 March/April Edition

"This place is exactly the same as it was when I was kid." Connie Markgraf hears that often. As owner of Paducah's Kingsway Skateland, she has seen many changes at the local roller rink. They have been so subtle, however, that to most, Kingsway truly appears the same as it did when it opened in 1973.

January of this year marked the 40th anniversary of the Paducah landmark.

Calvert City Drive-In Opens 2013 Season, Surviving the World of Digital Movies

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The drive-in theater is pure Americana. We became an automobile nation in the 40s and 50s, and enterprising business owners catered to the hordes of motorists taking to the roads. From eating to banking and even a drive-in ferris wheel, it only seemed natural to take our movie entertainment outdoors and do it all from the car.


The Silver Bullet

2013 March/April Edition

Two friends walk into a bar. The first friend has lived in Paducah nearly all her life , but the second friend is new in town, and after a long day of work for them both they decided it was time for the second friend to experience the wonder that is the bar named The Bullet.

Dreamers and Schemers are Making Music in Midtown

2013 March/April Edition

While on a lunch break from Music Zone one day, Timothy Corts took a tour of the property at 2104 Broadway. It was promising with its welcoming exterior and clean lines, but as Timothy looked across the street from behind the FOR RENT sign in its storefront window, he forgot all about the potential of the space in which he stood. He turned to the person showing him 2104 Broadway and said, “I’m sorry, but I’ve got to talk to whoever owns that building.”

PTHS Class of ‘64 Reunion Enjoys 50 Years of Friendship

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The dreaded high school class reunion comes but once every few years. For classmates of Paducah Tilghman High School’s Class of 1964, reunions are neither dreaded nor are they only an obligation one has to fulfill. In fact, the class will celebrate its 50th year reunion in 2014 and they are already excitedly making plans for the week of the event.

Prison Pups

2013 Jan/Feb Edition


Two forgotten elements of society, criminals and unwanted shelter dogs, have found each other at Fredonia’s Western Kentucky Correctional Complex’s SAFE program – as one prisoner becomes the salvation of the other

Local Lawyers Devote Their Time and Skills To New Clinic

2013 Jan/Feb Edition

“For attorneys, in particular, pro bono work is important to ensure that people have access to the legal system.  The Domestic Relations Clinic fills a need I have seen in our community for a long time.”


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