Compassion (and a good meal) is served up every day at Paducah’s Community Kitchen

2012 March/April Edition

“I pray every day that this place keeps going! It helps meet mental and emotional needs as well as physical.”—Faye Witherspoon


“I thought it was only for the homeless, but it’s for people like me, too. It’s a wonderful place.”—James Acree


It was love at first bite

2012 July/August Edition

It was love at first bite Andy Carloss brings his affection for Paducah, produce, and becoming a proprietor to fruition with the creation of the new Midtown Market



“It’s exciting!” Andy Carloss comments. And he’s not the only one who feels that way.


Healing Begins Here: Child Watch Children’s Advocacy Center

2012 Nov/Dec Edition

Child Watch Children’s Advocacy Center, established in 1984, is a private, non-profit organization serving Kentucky’s Purchase area

Mission: To provide a child-friendly environment for the prevention, evaluation, and treatment of child abuse and neglect

Primary programs:

Places to See - The Pumpkin Barn

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

Cinderella, Full Moon, Cotton Candy, Crystal Star, and the Red Warty Thing. Are these keywords from an ancient fairy tale? Hardly. They are actually just a few of the varieties of pumpkins grown right here in Western Kentucky in Melber at the Pumpkin Barn.


Remembering Burger Chef

2012 July/August Edition

PJ and Mary Ruth Grumley recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of their opening of Paducah’s first fast-food franchise.



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