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I Didn’t Go To Woodstock In The 60s, So I Decided To Go To Bonnaroo In My 60s.

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Confessions of a Roo Newbie**


Taking the road . . . or path . . . or climb . . . or alleyway . . . less traveled

2014 March/April Edition

“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.” -Rosalia de Castro


Fa-tile Attraction

2013 May/June Edition

Mah Jongg, a Chinese tile game, has become the weekly obsession of a group of twelve Paducah women.

Prison Pups

2013 Jan/Feb Edition


Two forgotten elements of society, criminals and unwanted shelter dogs, have found each other at Fredonia’s Western Kentucky Correctional Complex’s SAFE program – as one prisoner becomes the salvation of the other

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

2012 May/June Edition

Urban pioneers have adopted an attitude toward their surroundings and sunk their claim in a house, in a neighborhood, and in a future for their family and friends.

How Much is that Santa in the Window?

2012 Nov/Dec Edition

“How Much is that Santa in the Window… The One that Waves Year after Year?”

The Feud Doesn’t Live On, But The Hatfield Lineage Does . . . Right Here in Paducah!

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

The 2012 Emmys will be presented in September and the History Channel’s three-part mini-series Hatfields & McCoys has been nominated for 16 awards. Although the series can’t sweep them all because Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton are up against each other for Best Actor, the series should do very well. 


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