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Looking back at 30 years of PADUCAH LIFE Magazine


From the Editor - September 2019

2019 September/October

We Are All Stewards Of The Land

2019 May/June

The Importance of OUR Library

2019 January/February

Libraries are important. They always have been. They always will be. No matter what innovations beset us, be they printing presses, typewriters, computers, or holograms (maybe?), the idea behind libraries is ideas. And ideas will always save us.


Don't Discount the Moments

2018 September/October

Growing up on a farm isolated from access to any amenities other than a small town general store, patience is indeed a learned virtue.


Gather While Ye May

2018 July/August

Gather ye (rosebuds) while ye may.

—ROBERT HERRICK, 17th century


I’ve always been partial to this sentiment in both its literal and figurative influence.


The Power of Pimento

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Trends are a fickle thing. The latest craze can be a brand new invention the world has never seen or an old classic being reinvented for a new generation. So it is with that Southern staple—pimento cheese.

Judy & Amy Warmath - Cookin' By The Book

2018 May/June

Judy Warmath


“One of the things you learn about baking a cake together is that pans are not EXACTLY the same size even if they’re supposed to be nine inches! I made two layers and Amy made two layers and they’re not precisely the same circumference, but that’s what makes it homemade, right?


Karen Petter & Kate Lambert - Cookin' By The Book

2018 May/June

Karen Petter


“I was food chair for the 2000 update to the Thyme to Entertain cookbook and it was a long and laborious process, but we were very proud of the result. I had file boxes everywhere in my dining room! We had a cookbook committee and we tested each recipe three times with three different cooks to make sure it was a sound recipe.


Maegan Mansfield & Kelly Harris - Cookin' By The Book

2018 May/June

Maegan Mansfield


“When I joined the Charity League I made up cookbook baskets for family and friends as gifts. I would put a cookbook, a recipe, and all the recipe ingredients into a basket as a gift. We typically have to sell 10 cookbooks as a new member assignment, so this was a great way for me to sell cookbooks and give great gifts! A lot of the time moms and grandmothers buy them so it becomes this multi-generational gift, which makes the cookbook really special than one you buy off the shelf. Plus these recipes have been handed down from women almost 60 years ago. That is so amazing!"


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