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Trish Hines & Ann Boyd - Cookin' By The Book

2018 May/June

Trish Hines

“The League cookbook was a wedding present, and I’ve been using it for almost 38 years now and it’s ragged. It’s my Bible. It’s my go-to book, and the first recipe I made out of the book was Caroline Bennett’s Chicken. These books are such classics and it’s fun to see how our menus have changed over the years.


Cookin' By The Book

2018 May/June

Women in the south have long been a force behind successful initiatives to lift up those in need, support community causes of merit, and create cultures of social change for the neighborhoods where they abide. In the 30s in Paducah, a group of just such women formed the Charity League—an organization of like-minded women devoted to acquiring funds to undergird the local Friendly Home, which took in orphans and children in need.

Tandem Jump to Support Troops

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