Exploring Paducah Via Bicycle Just Got Easier!

Exploring Paducah Via Bicycle Just Got Easier!

Paducah flourishes in the summer! What better way to explore Paducah and its summer activities than on a bike?


To accommodate cyclists, the City of Paducah is installing unique bike racks across downtown (see the map below for locations). The bike racks were created by local artists and designed for easy use. All you need is a bike chain to attach your bike to the rack that holds two bikes at a time.


In addition to the peace of mind from being able to secure their bikes, the folks at Bike World encourage everyone it to be cautious and safe. "When riding a bike, you need to be smarter than the people in the car. Most accidents happen when a bike is leaving a parking lot or driveway and entering the street. I'm also a big fan of wearing helmets no matter what," said Hutch Smith, owner of Bike World.


When cycling on the roads, Smith recommends using the "Idaho Rule," a rule that states bikes should yield to stop signs and stop lights. "When you come to a stop light, yield, look both ways, and make sure no traffic is coming. When it is clear, then proceed. This is a popular cycling rule used throughout the country," said Hutch Smith.


This summer, you can explore Paducah and beyond on your bike by participating in organized cycling activities across town. Bike World offers bike camps for kids and a variety of bike rides with different themes including RACK, a ride across Kentucky (north to south, from Paducah to Fulton), and the Moonlight Ride, a ride-at-your-pace night ride under a full moon. Avid cyclists can join the Chain Reaction Cycling Club.


Paducah also offers a variety of bike-friendly trails. Smith names the Greenway Trail as the best trail in town for cycling. The scenic trail leads to various places across town including the Schroeder Expo Center. The Greenway Trail links the riverfront at Schultz Park and neighborhoods near downtown with Noble Park, Stuart Nelson Park, and Perkins Creek Nature Preserve . It's he perfect way to explore the outdoors and enjoy the afternoon downtown where you can easily park your bike at the new bike racks!


For a list of bike activities offered by Bike World, visit bikeworldky.com.

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