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Uh-fem-er-ah {Items of memorabilia, typically written or printed, originally expected to have a short life, but salvaged and savored by astute everyday artists!}


For those of a certain age, homemade and handmade were sometimes considered terms of derision. Kristin Williams, and many creative cohorts of similar affectation, have a very different view of these descriptive characteristics.


“I adore old photos,” says Kristin. “When I pick one up my mind at once is curious about the circumstances, the setting, the ‘story.’ Turning these images and my made-up stories about them into special cards and little pieces of memorabilia, is an art form I love.”



For years Kristin has been traveling to what she affectionately calls “craft camp” to learn techniques that foster her addiction to mixed media, collage, card-making, and just about anything having to do with paper. In order to bring those affairs closer to home, Kristin is opening Ephemera Paducah later this spring in the former Philosophy Gallery at 333 North 9th Street.


“So I decided to bring that closer to home,” Kristin explains. “Throughout my life I’ve been a ‘crafter’ flitting from embroidery to ceramics to knitting to collage to painting and back again. My belief is that if you do one craft, you want to do them all. My goal with Ephemera Paducah is to provide a place for the ‘everyday artist’ to hone his/her skills, find cool supplies, and to commune with others drawn to getting their hands dirty with paint, glue, glitter, wax or any other of an array of materials,” says Kristin.


“The mission of Ephemera Paducah is to be the least intimidating, most fun, most creative, and most inviting place for adults who enjoy arts and crafts to learn new techniques, pick up interesting supplies, and share the joy with other everyday artists,” she adds.


Ephemera will be offering workshops in a space that can comfortably accommodate upwards of 35 per class. “Be on the lookout for your favorite national instructors and talented local artists sharing their knowledge. Ephemera will have something for everyone from Girl’s Night Out projects to Painting Parties with wine, to some of the hottest mixed media workshop tickets around,” she explains.


Here’s a sample. Local artist Bill Renzulli’s talented daughter, Sara, will have you making really cute critters in four hours April 25-27. Contact to grab a spot!


Local antique and collectible shops are great places to mine for materials. Check out Paducah’s line up here.

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