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Everyone has a different perspective; different sets of eyes, experiences, and mindsets through which we view the world.


Now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to catch glimpses of the way others see life. Nearly everyone carries a digital camera at all times via cell phones. And, with apps like Instagram, immediately sharing what you see with friends and anyone else around the world is possible.


Thanks to the hashtag (#), you can find or share photos that relate to a particular topic. If you take a photo of a Chihuahua, for example, you simply tag your photo with #chihuahua. Now, anyone who does an Instragram search for #chihuahua will potentially see your cute little canine (even though one friend of mine has said that photos of Chihuahuas and feet should be banned). We recently did a search for #paducah and found some unique shots of our fair city.



We contacted the owners of our favorite photos, and they’ve granted us permission to share them with you! So enjoy these snapshots of LIFE in Paducah, get Instragram for your smart phone, whip out your hashtags, and let us see what you love about #paducah!


Follow Paducah Life on Instagram and see our view. We are listed as paducahlife. And even though Instagram is meant to be used on mobile devices, you can access your account and view photos online via

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