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In Paducah Life's summer issue, we told you about local storyteller Retta Folsom's book Mozart Was a Little Boy, a project she completed after struggling to find the perfect book for the McCracken County Library and the Paducah Symphony Orchestra's Musical Story Time.


Since then, more than 3600 copies of the book have made their way to school children all across our area, and Musical Story Time continues to inspire even the youngest of children to learn about some of the greatest musical minds.


But Mrs. Retta didn't stop at Mozart. She teamed up with illustrator Cheri Cunningham and wrote Rock to Mister J.S. Bach. The book, which tells the story of Johann Sebastian Bach, is musical itself as it is set to one of Bach's most-loved melodies, the Musette in D major. 


Bach Book Cover 5

With a familiar friend (Bach Dog), Retta, the McCracken Public Library, and the Paducah Symphony Orchestra are gearing up to visit approximately 3400 children in February and March of 2013. They want to share Bach's amazing story with every elementary student in our area from private to public to home schools. And since Rock to Mister J.S. Bach is Bach Dog's favorite  sing-a-long book, he wants to give each and every child a copy to keep.


To meet their goal in promoting literacy and music, Bach Dog and Retta are asking for your help. The budget for the project is $6473.00, approximately $1.90 per book. That means $50 will provide a classroom of about 25 with a copy for each student. 


The Kentucky Arts Council, recognizing the artistic and educational significance of the project, is pledging a dollar-for-dollar match for all funds raised.


You can donate any amount toward the project through Power2Give . Bach Dog will even extend a special invitation to any donor who buys books for a whole classroom (a $50.00 gift) to attend the Musical Story Time program with the class and sing along, too!


Donors who give $100 and up will receive a special thank you listing in the Paducah Symphony Orchestra program booklet and a personal gift copy of the book, Rock to Mr. J. S. Bach signed by the author and illustrator, in addition to the benefits listed above.  


Retta is eagerly planning the project with your help. "I was overwhelmed," she says in reference to the response to the Mozart book. "We hope these musical history books will engender the same enthusiasm among the children to learn more about music's great minds."





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