Sing a Song of Paducah: The B Sides

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We recently posted an exclusive, online story about Paducah songs, and it proved to be a smash hit! We heard from many of you about your own fond memories of some of these Paducah melodies.


The song "Paducah" (as featured in the movie The Gang's All Here), brings back cherished memories for Roxie Jarvis.


"Ward Thomas was my high school chemistry teacher," says Roxie. "If anyone went to Tilghman while he was there, they will definitely remember him. Everyone loved Mr. Thomas. If you paid attention in class and was good, you knew you'd pass.


"I was always singing, and one day he asked if I knew the song Paducah. I had not heard of it, and he said that if I'd get it, learn it, and sing it I'd get an A for the semester. I almost couldn't believe it!


"I asked daddy about it, and he knew the song. We got the sheet music, I learned it, I sang it in class, and sure enough, I got an A! That song will always be near and dear to my heart."


We also heard from Chuck and Retta Folsom about another Paducah song not included in our list. On a trip to visit family in Houston, Chuck ran across an album by Matty Matlock and the Paducah Patrol at a local shop. Matty, a native of Paducah, was a highly influential jazz clarinetist who wrote an arranged for big bands, movies, and television. He is now well known as a major influence in Dixieland having filled the shoes of Benny Goodman and arranging for major musical influences such as Bob Crosby and Frank Sinatra just to name two. You can read more about Matty here


One of the cuts on the album is "Paducah Parade". Ms Retta, who often includes music in her story time at the McCracken County Public Library, uses "Paducah Parade" to introduce children to Dixieland, Matty, and songs about Paducah!  Take a listen to Paducah Parade by Matty Matlock:




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