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Western Kentucky’s wintery weather finally said its goodbyes just in time for spring to come out and play, but the summer heat is hot on spring’s flowery heels. It’s time for front porch-sitting, cold drink-sipping, and downtown strolling, and whether you’re the type to sport the latest trends or the type to tend toward the classic, the key to summer style is comfort and confidence.


We met up with a few stylish Paducahans downtown for a photo shoot to showcase their summer street style. Their only instruction was to bring their lovely selves wearing one of their favorite summer looks—something comfortable that makes them feel fantastic, even in the summer heat. Allow us to introduce you to four fun folks with four very fun styles...


Keeping it quirky cool


Kimberly McDaniel - Flamingo Row Server, Gideon’s Rifle Vocalist/Mandolin-picker


For Kim, cute little dresses are a summertime staple. They’re easy, breezy, and fun to wear, plus they go well with her favorite fish earrings—a gift from an old roommate. This particular dress was a lucky find at Louisville’s Urban Attic thrift shop, and its bold, bright print clash-matches perfectly with the simple, black and white pattern of her wedge sandals. Not only are her wedges on trend, they’re practical too! They’re comfy, and they give Kim the extra height she needs in order to sing into the microphone when playing with Gideon’s Rifle. *tip: to try out this summery print-mixing trend yourself, follow Kim’s example and pair two very different, contrasting patterns—it’s fun to break the rules!



Jordan Boros - Flamingo Row Server


In the summertime Jordan likes to keep things crisp and clean with just a twist of the unexpected. The simplicity of his classic black Nikes, black tank and olive jeans are set off perfectly by his floral five-panel hat made by Profound Aesthetic. When skateboarding around town, he’s a master of balancing practicality and comfort with style. Take a tip from Jordan, fellas—don’t fear floral!



Dare to don menswear


Erin Hendley - f.a.c.e. Makeup Artist


Though Erin’s a girly girl in many ways (you’ll never see her out without fabulous eye makeup and perfect lipstick), she LOVES sporting menswear with a feminine touch. Her retro-style black and white oxfords, cuffed jeans, and white tee are perfect for a fun night out in downtown Paducah, and even in the summer months she likes to bring along a stylish jacket (like this long-lapeled, satin blazer) just in case the weather takes an unexpected turn. This summer, expect to see more ladies trying out bold lip and eye color like Erin’s. It’s an easy, fun way to dress up a casual look! *tip: for lip color that won’t fade, even in the summer heat, follow Erin’s example and fill in the entire lip with lip liner in the bright, bold color of your choice.


Jack Willis - C.I.R. Construction Crew Member


Jack spends most of his summer days doing construction work in the hot summer sun, but in his downtime he likes to trade in his tool belt for more classy, snazzy accessories. Some guys wear ties for work, but Jack wears them for fun, usually with a vest and a set of shades. He keeps his hair shaved short on the sides, usually with a different design cut in every couple of weeks. The most recent cut features the symbol for his superhero alter ego, Ricky Ruelis. He’s often accompanied by his buddy Miller, a dog so cool and stylish that you’ll hardly ever see him sporting a leash. Miller much prefers dapper ties with double windsor knots.



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