From the Editor

From the Editor

I REALLY hate it when people come to realize that I hail from the west “coast” of Kentucky and make the assumption that I am uncultured, illiterate, biased, and provincial or ALL of the aforementioned.


I’m sure guys hate it when everyone assumes they are hugs fans of every sport. I KNOW women hate it when people assume that all they have on their mind is what they’ll wear tomorrow. And nothing irks me more than people making assumptions about my thoughts and/or opinions based on either geographical or political labels.


And of course, you know what happens when you ASSume. (You DO know that one, don’t you?)


So let’s all take the “we will not make uneducated assumptions” vow.


I know old prejudices die hard, and stereotypes are easier to deal with than actually getting to know someone and discovering that they are perhaps NOT what you ASSUMED them to be. But isn’t that the true adventure of LIFE? At PADUCAH LIFE we think so! (Well we are, after all journalists. It’s our JOB to ask questions.)


And when you ask questions you find that people are SO very interesting. And often not what you imagined at all. Landee Bryant, one of our contributors, knows full well the assumptions people make about someone with tattoos. My partner in LIFE has born the brunt of misconceptions about “Yankees” our entire married life. The three women on our cover have loads of stories about what people think of roller derby dames—we’re here to set THAT record straight. And we’re willing to wager that you might have preconceived perceptions about the Silver Bullet in downtown Paducah. You may just be surprised.


Actually I love surprises. I love them in my LIFE, and we love to bring them to life on the pages of this publication. There is nothing quite so gratifying than to see the dismay on a person’s face when they think you just fell off the hay wagon and you proceed to deftly describe the theory of relativity.


LIFE is innately interesting, constantly surprising, and gratifyingly intricate, and so are the people you are introduced to within the confines of this local magazine. It is our honor and pleasure to debunk all the assumptions you may have fallen prey to all these many days of your LIFE.


But we know you’ve turned over a new leaf — or a least another page — to find the oh so many interesting stories that lie within. Live and learn!



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