Genevieve Postlethwait

On Broadway

2019 November/December

Back Where They Belong

2014 March/April Edition

If you look at the empty lot on the corner of 9th and Broadway, you can see the ghost of a library. You can see it in the steps leading up to Grace Church. You can see it in the big black mailbox at 215 Ridgewood Avenue, and in the empty fountain that now calls the Jefferson Street median its home. You can see it, too, in the garden of the McCracken County Public Library in the two columns that recently made their way back from the garden of Mrs. Olivia Cave.

LIFE can change in an INSTANT

2013 November/December Edition

What’s black and white, Amaro, Mayfair, Rise, Hudson, infinite other color combinations, and “read” actively by over 150 million users a month? Not a newspaper. Instagram.


Red Ember & Gideon's Rifle

2013 July/August Edition

Shooting from the hip brought a glow of embers to players and partners in two new Paducah-roots bands

Summer Street Styles

Exclusive Online Content

Western Kentucky’s wintery weather finally said its goodbyes just in time for spring to come out and play, but the summer heat is hot on spring’s flowery heels. It’s time for front porch-sitting, cold drink-sipping, and downtown strolling, and whether you’re the type to sport the latest trends or the type to tend toward the classic, the key to summer style is comfort and confidence.

Rosalyn Rikel Ramage is on TRACK to Keep the Stories Coming!

2013 May/June Edition


A history in western Kentucky, an inspirational family, and a passionate need to put her stories into books is giving this Paducah native a new lease on life.

Oh, the BEAUTY of it All!

2013 May/June Edition

On fourth street near the edge of downtown stands a long, narrow, two-story brick building marked by a well-preserved sign reading PADUCAH BEAUTY SCHOOL. Not much can be seen through its first floor window, but five days a week the building is a-buzz with students learning to bend, twist, cut, and curl hair.

A Day in the Life - Morning Sunshine!

2013 May/June Edition

Monday through Friday, and sometimes Saturday, too, Steve Hyde is up before the sun, but he’s not actually a morning person. For over a year now, he’s been waking up at 4:15 AM or so with the help of an alarm.


“For some people it’s natural,” he’ll say, “but not for me! Don’t think it ever will be.” 


A Day in the Life - Welcome to the World... on a String

2013 May/June Edition

What involves a dentist’s office, a guitar named Blueridge Betty, a little place called Shandies, and a Mrs. Claus costume?


Another Thursday in the life of a lady named Tracy Badger.


The Silver Bullet

2013 March/April Edition

Two friends walk into a bar. The first friend has lived in Paducah nearly all her life , but the second friend is new in town, and after a long day of work for them both they decided it was time for the second friend to experience the wonder that is the bar named The Bullet.


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