History in the Making: A Tribute to McCracken Co. Schools

History in the Making: A Tribute to McCracken Co. Schools

Now is your chance to be a part of history. The Tribute to McCracken County Schools is coming. Find out how you can participate!

On Friday, May 24th, students from three graduating classes traversed three different stages in McCracken County, celebrating their successes as high school graduates. The night was like none before. It was magically historical, for after nearly 100 years, next year's graduating class will be unified for the very first time.


As many celebrated and reflected upon the profound impact of our three county schools, Heath, Lone Oak, and Reidland, Paducah Life Magazine was in the process of publishing a special keepsake Tribute to McCracken County Schools.


This commemorative issue will cover Heath, Lone Oak, and Reidland High School histories, notable moments and people, memories from current faculty and students as well as alumni. It will be a celebration of each school's legacy and impact on our communities. Our writers along with the journalism/yearbook staffs from each school are working hard, gathering history, doing interviews, and finding the stories that will live forever.


The Tribute to McCracken County Schools will be available this fall and through the remainder of the year in our regular retail locations as well as other community businesses who want to carry this special edition.


This is a unique opportunity for our community to come together and be a part of history! The Tribute to McCracken County Schools will be sought after, read over and over, and cherished forever.


We are offering special ad rates for businesses who want the community to know they support their schools. Your ad will be seen over and over for years to come, and you will be forever a part of this amazing moment.


For individuals, we will have special tribute ads available. Say what you want! Congratulate a special graduate, group, graduating class, or teacher. Let your spirit show!


Additionally, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the journalism/yearbook program at the new high school.


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Pages and ad space are limited, so let us know how you want to participate. Contact us at darlene@paducahlife.com or call 270-442-3338.

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