Tilghman Legacy Lives on in Stone and in Stature

2013 May/June Edition

Paducah’s Civil War general perished nearly 150 years ago “with the Lord’s Prayer upon his lips.”      


So said Fred G. Neuman in his 1922 book, Paducahans in History.      


History in the Making: A Tribute to McCracken Co. Schools

Exclusive Online Content

Now is your chance to be a part of history. The Tribute to McCracken County Schools is coming. Find out how you can participate!

Our Amazing Architecture

2013 March/April Edition

Close Cobb Encounters: Shirley Temple's First Oscar

2013 March/April Edition

This photo, taken February 27, 1935, shows Paducah native Irvin S. Cobb handing an honorary Oscar to a six-year-old Shirley Temple, the youngest Oscar recipient ever. Cobb, a famous writer, humorist and columnist in the1920s, 30s and 40s, served as Host for the 6th Academy Awards at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. 

Albritton’s Drug Store

2013 March/April Edition

Waller Albritton wrote a prescription for retail success at the turn of the century and left a colorful Paducah legacy at the corner of 32nd and Broadway

Matty Matlock - Music Legend, Paducah Native

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Paducah has always been a musical city, even spawning some well-known and highly influential musicians. One such artist was clarinetist Matty Matlock. Read about him from the liner notes in his famous 1958 album Dixieland Story.

Sing a Song of Paducah

Exclusive Online Content

For those of us who love Paducah, it wouldn't seem strange to find a song about our fair city gracing our lips. Over the years, several songwriters have felt the same, and tunes about Paducah entered into pop culture. Here's a round up of some of the best Paducah songs!


It Rained in Every Town Except Paducah

Tom T. Hall

Through the windows of time

2013 Jan/Feb Edition


Many things about Paducah make our hometown unique. One of the most striking is our unique and historically significant architecture. PADUCAH LIFE asked Sharon Poat and Randy Davis to help us with a series dedicated to “studies in style.” We begin with the beautiful Smedley-Yeiser house at 533 Madison Street. 


The Great Escape

2013 Jan/Feb Edition

Augusta Tilghman star quarterback Jesse Tunstill eluded his share of enemy tacklers.     


But he wasn't able to flee the Germans in World War II.     



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