The Winter of 1918

2013 Jan/Feb Edition

In the dark, morning hours of January 29, 1918, the sound of thousands of pounds of metal and ice shooting down the Ohio River shattered the quiet of the night in Paducah. The roar was deafening. It sounded as if the Great War itself had come to the quiet shore of this river town. It was heard as far away as Mayfield.

West Kentucky Wanderings: Fredonia Kentucky

2012 Nov/Dec Edition

We are posting this edition of West Kentucky Wanderings with heavy hearts for the people of Fredonia. The Blair-Wilson School, a symbol of the sense of preservation held by the town of Fredonia, burned overnight. May the sense of community, the value of the past, and the hopes of a bright future continue to uplift all those who put so much work into the retoration of Blair-Wilson.

Leaving a Legacy at the Library!

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

The staff at the magazine you are holding in your hands is very excited about a new archival project at the McCracken County Library . . . that involved PADUCAH LIFE Magazine!


When General Grant Expelled the Jews

2012 Nov/Dec Edition

From the Lloyd Tilghman House to the Floodwall Mural, much of Paducah’s Civil War history is well-known. However, there is one notorious historical footnote from Paducah’s Civil War past that many may not be aware of.


The USS Paducah: From Sea to Shore to War

2012 Nov/Dec Edition

As the 20th century neared, the United States was on the verge of becoming a major naval power.  Included in the naval build-up was the Dubuque class of gunboats, the second of which was the USS Paducah.



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