Leaving a Legacy at the Library!

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

The staff at the magazine you are holding in your hands is very excited about a new archival project at the McCracken County Library . . . that involved PADUCAH LIFE Magazine!


When General Grant Expelled the Jews

2012 Nov/Dec Edition

From the Lloyd Tilghman House to the Floodwall Mural, much of Paducah’s Civil War history is well-known. However, there is one notorious historical footnote from Paducah’s Civil War past that many may not be aware of.


The USS Paducah: From Sea to Shore to War

2012 Nov/Dec Edition

As the 20th century neared, the United States was on the verge of becoming a major naval power.  Included in the naval build-up was the Dubuque class of gunboats, the second of which was the USS Paducah.



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