Frenchtown Station

2017 September/October

A Room Of Their Own

2017 September/October

Thinking Tiny, Living Large

2016 May/June

"Creature comfort goals, they only numb my soul and make it hard for me to see. My thoughts all seem to stray to places far away. I need a change of scenery." The Monkees song, Pleasant Valley Sunday, penned by Gerry Goffin and Carole King, questioned the values of suburban, American life, rethinking the mid-1960s notion of what it meant to be successful.

Living By Design

2015 May/June

When two local doctors asked J. Patrick Kerr to design and build their Paducah home they had one request: clean, minimal design. No ornamentation allowed.


You Can Go Home Again

2015 March/April

In the stately house that sits pristinely on a quiet street in Paducah’s West End, it’s a bit difficult to discern where one generation ends and another begins. 

The Nature Of Imagination

2015 January/February

To the eyes of the woman of imagination, nature is imagination itself


“Everything has a story and the next story is waiting to be told and you decide if you want to be part of it,” believes Kijsa Housman.


The Belle of the Wall

2014 March/April Edition

Bold, beautiful patterns, colors and lines. That’s what’s trending on the walls of Paducah’s most fashion-forward homes these days. A new product called Tempaper is taking the place of traditional wallpaper, eliminating much of the hassle that traditional wallpaper installation brings with it. Tempaper is also much easier to remove than the tedious process that standard wallpaper requires.


A Love Story on the Corner of Pines and Woodland

2014 March/April Edition

The old Athey house, as long-time Paducah Lifers call it, was once a few weeks shy of destruction, seemingly on its way to being torn down to make way for a dog park. Bill and Judy Sheppard had other plans for it.


Mayfair 2013

Exclusive Online Content

On Tuesday, May 14, the Paducah Garden Club celebrated "100 Years of Growing" with the 2013 Mayfair event. The day began with a plant sale at the home of Hal and Debe Sullivan. Then, a sunlit luncheon was held in the garden of Jane and Oscar Gamble. Finally, Joe and Jeannie Framptom and Ted and Suzanne Borodofsky opened up their Barkley Wood homes for garden tours and a garden boutique. 

Art in the Garden

2013 March/April Edition

Celebrating Local Art in Memory of a Son’s Life Honorably Lived


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